LUX Prize

The shortlist for European Parliament LUX Prize 2016 is:

My life as a Zucchini (Switzerland)
As I Open My Eyes (France)
Toni Erdmann (Germany)

The generous contribution of the European Parliament Information Office in Romania allows us to offer you a section dedicated to the three finalist movies of the most recent edition of the European Parliament LUX Prize (the 10th). This competition brings into the limelight films that are strongly affiliated to the European Union values and which address contemporary social issues.

The selection for the LUX Prize is conducted by a panel including producers, distributors, cinema operators, festival directors and film critics, appointed by the European Parliament’s Committee for Culture and Education. A representative of the film which won the previous year's LUX FILM PRIZE is an ex officio member of the selection panel. The winner is voted by members of the European Parliament.

The finalist films are subtitled in all 24 official languages of the European Union, as well as adapted for persons with disabilities, and are broadcasted in each of the member states, reaching more than 40 cities and 20 film festivals in Europe.

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